SiB test block – the hardness reference block made in Germany

Hardness reference blocks are used for annual indirect calibration and periodic daily testing of hardness testing machines. Only with high-grade hardness reference blocks that identify a minimum hardness span and in turn are calibrated with a slight measurement uncertainty is it possible to guarantee the operational reliability of hardness testing machines and their traceability to the hardness standard.

The synergism of applying optimised homogeneous German steel, decades of experience in the heat treatment of hardness reference blocks, and custom CNC machining mean that you receive a premium product 'Made in Germany'.

Independent calibration

Our manufacturer-independent calibrations by the laboratory – which is accredited by DAkkS according to DIN EN ISO 17025 – ensure the SiB test block has the best possible quality assurance.

Marking of the hardness testing methods colour-coded and with icons

At a glance:

  • the testing method by means of the colour (e.g. white for Rockwell)
  • the testing method by means of the icon (e.g. cone-shaped diamond pyramid for Rockwell)
  • the calibrated hardness number
  • the date of calibration

Colour-coded mapping

Anyone who has to manage many different reference blocks can quickly lose track. Colour-coded and with icons, the classification system on the packaging of every single SiB test block allows you to find the right reference block immediately, regardless of whether they are stacked or stored next to each other.

All the key points at a glance

The SiB test block can:

  • Use of optimised homogeneous German steel... Hardness reference blocks 'Made in Germany'!
  • Production based on decades of experience in the heat treatment of hardness reference blocks
  • independent DAkkS calibration according to DIN EN ISO/ASTM
  • representation of reference marks
  • visual representation of Vickers test marks
  • free software for documenting periodic testing
  • grid lines (optional)
  • multiple calibration (optional)
  • competent advice
  • Quick availability

Customer feedback

"We received the hardness reference block ordered within only seven days – it used to take nine weeks! Colour-coded and with icons, the marking allows us to quickly find the right block for the required tests."